March 31st, 2014 Dr. Eric St. Pierre


Locker Room Tour to the Iceberg Olympic Competition Ice

Bike Tour from USA Housing to the Olympic Cafeteria

Here are a few Olympic videos. More are to come: Walking out to closing ceremonies, bike ride tour of Olympic village, tour of Short Track Iceberg!

Practice Crash Video

Tucker Fredricks 500 meter race

Behind the Scenes of Closing Ceremony

People often ask “what do you actually do” with the athletes at the Olympics, or when I consult with a team or athlete. In reality, the process is very similar to the interaction within our ESP Sports Medicine practice in Lafayette, CO. (more…)

HEY EVERYONE!!!! Now that I’ve been home a few weeks I’m finally catching up on my life and able to reflect a little more on my wonderful Olympic experience. Generally, the Winter Olympic Games held in Sochi, Russia were amazing, seriously. Don’t believe a lot of the negative things you here. Although the weather is usually a little colder with consistent wet weather, the weather for these Games were warm, often hitting the 60’s near the coast and 40’s in the mountains. Unfortunately, the conditions on the mountain venues weren’t ideal and the low elevation/barometric pressure also effects the quality of the ice for our skaters, but everyone still has to compete and whoever wins is legitimately the Olympic champion, forever. Imagine a Ferrari that normally competes on an ideal track and then having to compete for instance on a sandy beach, or slush for the Sochi Olympic Games. It allows the competitive advantage for some of the world’s best athletes to be minimized, brining the competitive levels closer together as in Shawn White’s case, and allows other athletes with different capabilities to rise up. What you saw on the mountains and on the ice was still excellent performances. The conditions were a similar issue as in Vancouver. Having an Winter Olympics at low elevation and with-in milder weather patterns does effect the outcomes. So, I look forward to watching the next Winter Olympics in South Korea, which is being held in a classic winter mountain scene.