August 2nd, 2014 Dr. Eric St. Pierre

Boulder Res Pic


Boulder has long been a hub of training, living and competing for triathletes of all levels, but until now it has not held an officially sanctioned Full Distance Ironman event. On August 3rd, Boulder will essentially shut down to accommodate the crowds, athletes and volunteers which will be a part of the Ironman experience. Boulder is home to many professional triathlete residents who take advantage of the altitude, sunny climate and athletic lifestyle we have here. The Boulder Ironman now becomes only the 10th full distance Ironman in the United States.

I am a medical volunteer within the Main Medical Tent located downtown where we will assist anyone who is suffering or in need of medical treatment, regardless if they are an athlete, spectator, etc. Holding a full distance Ironman is a massive undertaking, especially within the city limits of a small location such as Boulder. Athletes will begin at the Boulder Reservoir, proceed to the riding portion throughout the Front Range and finish in downtown Boulder with the run. A full distance Ironman is a special event, showcasing some our most highly trained and quite honestly, “crazy” athletes. The commitment to their sport is unreal and absolutely pushes the human body to the edge. It’s an honor for me to be apart of the Medical Team and I anticipate an exciting, but very long day.

My friends at Newton Running Company are main sponsors for the Ironman series. This past Thursday I met a good friend and athlete Apolo Ohno at the Boulder Running Company for a fundraiser in which participants ran in their “UNDIES”. We literally all ran in our underwear down Pearl St. for a 1.5 light run. Apolo is sponsored by Newton and Chocolate Milk and was making an appearance in support of the event. I previously worked with Apolo with US Speedskating when I was the Short Track team’s Head Sports Medicine Trainer in 2009-10, at the Vancouver Olympic Games and World Championships. It was fun running along side him down Pearl St. while the throngs of people asked for pictures and congratulated him in his preparation for the upcoming Kona Ironman Championships. He recently completed his first Ironman in

Idaho, and is a celebrity invite to Kona. It’ll be fun to cheer him on in October!

Apolo Undie Run Boulder

If you have a chance, definitely make your way to Boulder to watch this special event take place. It is expected to be the largest Full Ironman Event EVER and we want to make it one of the most supported events EVER!!!

Wear Sunscreen! ESP