March 31st, 2014 Dr. Eric St. Pierre


Locker Room Tour to the Iceberg Olympic Competition Ice

Bike Tour from USA Housing to the Olympic Cafeteria

Here are a few Olympic videos. More are to come: Walking out to closing ceremonies, bike ride tour of Olympic village, tour of Short Track Iceberg!

Practice Crash Video

Tucker Fredricks 500 meter race

Behind the Scenes of Closing Ceremony

This morning Dr. Michael Noyes MD and I left the Olympic Park/Village to have breakfast within one of the United States Olympic Committee’s hotel here in Adler, Russia. We needed a break from the buffet, wanting to actually order something of our own choosing. The town of Sochi is actually almost 10 miles North of the Olympic Coastal Village in Adler. The hotel was only a few minutes walk from the Park’s Southern entrance. It was an interesting experience trying to find it, walking along the Black Sea wall for a bit, an enjoyable experience other than being a gloomy morning. Without planning, I video taped a little of the adventure on our way back to the Olympic Park. We passed the Heineken House where the Dutch team celebrates each day and night. A few nights ago we visited their House and experienced the live band and club type scene, which was a great break from the grind. The Heineken House is within the grounds of the Azimut hotel where many international media are staying, an impressive place for “Russia”.