August 8th, 2016 Dr. Eric St. Pierre

August 1, 2016

ESP Sports Medicine Announces Mary Finck, PT, DPT Joins the Team

As of July 19th, 2016 Dr. Eric St Pierre and the team at ESP Sports Medicine added physical therapist, Mary Finck, PT, DPT to staff.

Dr. Finck has been a PT for seven years and is very passionate about working with individuals who have suffered trauma brain injury, and other neurological condition, strive toward achieving functional goals and improving quality of life.  She has five years of experience in the rehabilitation setting, including two years she spent at Craig Hospital working with individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. Dr. Finck’s approach to physical therapy is to address functional limitations affect the individual’s life, with an emphasis on motor control and movement dysfunctions.  This approach allows patients to focus on individual goals and address issues that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Dr. Finck has also worked with many patients who have had traumatic life altering events and is familiar with community resources to help these individuals. She has worked with several attorneys collaborating care for patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents.   Her speciality services include manual therapy, dry needling, vestibular & oculomotor therapy, neuromuscular facilitation techniques, balance and gait training.

We welcome Dr. Finck to the team.


Dr. Eric St Pierre, D.C.