Healing Strategies

The idea of managing how you heal can be overwhelming and difficult to master. So we’ve provided you a few suggestions to get the process moving right along.


  1. If something hurts, like when carrying a heavy bag or walking long distances, then STOP doing it for a short period. If you are constantly producing and encouraging a pain response, then you won’t be giving your nervous system, immune system and tissue a fair chance to heal and do it’s thing.
  2. Now is not the time to be on a “Diet”. Healing requires increased physiological demands, including calories, nutrients and water to work efficiently. Otherwise, you’ll be falling into a metabolic phase where your tissue is basically DYING. Athletes can heal at accelerated rates partly because they provide their body the resources it needs. So, don’t restrict calories or skip meals, rather improve the quality of what you eat and drink. Lean, clean and non-processed food can make you heal faster than junk, over-cooked or fast type foods. NO CRAP!
  3. Take your vitamins and supplements NOW! If there’s a better time to take your vitamins and supplements, then I’m not aware of it. Feed your immune system the “fuel” to heal, and provide your body the “building blocks” to literally fix itself.

Supplements to Consider

Fish Oil/Omega 3: It insulates the nervous system (nerves) from being faulty, just like when wires act up. Omega 3, a type of fat, found in all animal products, but high in fish and leaner type meats, can prevent inflammation from becoming exaggerated. I personally take it as my IBUPROFEN when I’m in any type of pain. Plus it makes your skin healthier.


Vitamin C: Collagen is an important part of our soft tissue structure. Daily use of Vitamin C could ensure your tissue is built with a product necessary for it to function properly.


Protein: Protein and Amino Acids are literally the “Building Blocks” of our tissue. How can you build a strong house without having wood or brick? When injured, we generally require 20% MORE protein than normal, BUT most people normally consume 20% LESS than we should eat each day. That’s a huge protein deficit. A protein supplement for active and injured people could surprise them how fast they could heal, by putting you in an ANABOLIC healing state. All elite athletes consume a protein supplement in order to support their training demands and prevent injury.