Accelerated Tissue Healing

The rehabilitative techniques utilized at the highest level of sport medicine have progressed from a passive pain management and muscle strengthening focus, towards the more complete practice of remodeling the soft tissue structures (muscle and fascia) with advanced treatment techniques, manipulating how pain is generated at the brain through therapeutic exercise and sensory modification techniques, and modifying the biomechanical stressors at the root of why most musculoskeletal conditions have expressed themselves. In today’s world of sports medicine, we understand that you cannot truly rehabilitate someone with exceptional treatment outcomes unless the soft tissue involved is actually healthy, range of motion is restored, and the manner in which you move or use your body is of high-quality, without compensation or compromised technique. Dysfunctional soft-tissue is essentially wrapped up in scar tissue, and will limit the tissue’s ability to heal because of a lack of blood flow and oxygen from reaching the injured cells. Tight and restrictive connective tissue generates pain very easily, can change your biomechanics from the tension it produces, and neurologically trains your brain to promote compensatory movement patterns. Therefore, if the quality of soft tissue is not addressed, as it usually isn’t, then less than ideal treatment outcomes will ultimately be realized.

ESP Sports Medicine’s treatment perspective requires that the tissue be healthy in order to prepare it for physical rehabilitation strategies of strengthening and return to sport training principles. We utilize Graston Technique, Dry Needling Therapy, Vacuum Cupping and other contemporary techniques based in neuroscience, physiology and biomechanical principles, to produce an accelerated healing potential and promote a trainable nervous system and responsive, resilient tissue. Combined with our progressive physical rehabilitative strategies and therapeutic exercises techniques, we are attempting to control the factors associated with a positive treatment outcomes, as it relates to your complaint. Otherwise, you’re simply training pain and strengthening dysfunction over and over again. This is not new science, just better science, and a more methodically organized process, which is redefining the practice of Sports Medicine and natural Tissue Healing.