ESP Sports Medicine is a unique opportunity for an athlete to access the expertise necessary to support their sports medicine and performance needs. Sports Medicine is not necessarily about orthopedic surgery, medications, injections or some therapeutic fad. It is about managing the physiological and physical needs you will be challenged with as an athlete. Let alone finding treatment strategies that work for you, not that work for everyone else. Dont assume youve done everything you can. As an athlete you will be physically worn down and potentially challenged with an injury. We would like to offer a hand in managing those challenges.

Dr. St. Pierre is able to provide you two essential services necessary for an athlete or active person serious about performance, function and recovery.

The first is access to a provider with sport specific experience and expertise, who can support the individual in managing their wellness, injury and healing potential. Dr. St. Pierre has held leadership roles at the highest level of sport, responsible for ensuring and supporting the health of his athletes at critical times in their careers. The personal, professional and technical support an elite athlete is exposed to, is a reality the average individual doesnt usually have access to. Dr. St. Pierre takes such management responsibility personally, regardless of the athletic level of the individual. Athlete centered diagnosis and solutions, treatment strategies, mentorship and case management are only a few capabilities Dr. St. Pierre can offer you. If you have a physical problem you are struggling with, he would like the opportunity to assist you in finding a solution.

The second critical service ESP Sports Medicine can offer you is unique treatment capabilities to ensure your Healing Potential as an athlete. In elite Sports Medicine and Performance it comes down to “what are you going to do about it”. Meaning, good ideas and concepts are nice but execution and outcomes ultimately rule. Fads or outdated and poorly utilized treatment modalities are rampant in physical rehabilitation practices and training rooms. Dr. St. Pierre utilizes progressive treatment and rehabilitative strategies to ensure the individual is in the best possible position to succeed in terms of healing and prevention. If you can train today and tomorrow, that will support Performance more than anything else. How durable are you?

Treatment not only guides healing, but your response to treatment also provides information into understanding your unique physiological status. Therefore, treatment is also diagnostic in quality, letting us understand your injury, physiology and stress, essentially outlining the personality of how your body responds, and allowing us to meet you where your needs are.

Whether injury prevention, pain management, recovery or pre & post surgical rehabilitation, Dr. St. Pierre will attempt to guide you back to form and function as he would with any high-level athlete. He is committed to educating you on how to take care of yourself.

Sports Medicine is no longer about making you “Feel Better”, it now demands that the patient “Heal Better”, and has separated the Treatment Community into those following the book & protocols from those re-defining healing as we know it. Dont assume you are healing well, demand it from your body, so that you can control, predict and ensure your wellness and performance as best you can.

If you are serious about being active, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or pushing performance, then ESP Sports Medicine could be a valuable resource in supporting your needs. Our medical partners within our private medical campus communicate closely with Dr. St. Pierre to provide a comprehensive medical and diagnostic support team, beyond conservative care.

The best athletes in the world have a team of trusted and committed healthcare professionals supporting their needs. ESP Sports Medicine would like to offer such support to you!