What We Treat


We offer experienced providers to recover from orthopedic injury with proven techniques and progressive strategies. See our list of common injuries we address.


We provide a variety of conservative options to manage spinal pain, degeneration, and other spinal issues. We’re also able to help you manage the medical process on injections, surgery and diagnostics toward recovery. Check out our list of conditions we support.


It is hard to find a vestibular physical therapist to treat and address difficult neurological conditions. Fortunately, ESP Sports Medicine has two excellent providers who can work with your brain, balance and nerve problems.


Chronic pain and autoimmune conditions require a personalized approach, with providers who listen and are experienced working with challenging cases. Challenging cases are our strength and we can provide you the best chance to get control your condition.


We will meet your needs, whether you are an elite athlete or just someone attempting to be active and healthy. All our providers are active and have experience with athletes of all kinds.


Our team partners with Dr. Michael Tracy, DO of Integrated Sports and Spine to offer a complete onsite concussion team.

Buck “The System”

ESP Sports Medicine is at the forefront of providing progressive, professional, focused healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle management for our community. We offer a team of therapists and doctors who are a cut above your average physical therapy, chiropractor, and massage therapy providers. We also work closely with a full-fledged medical team to back us up on tough cases. Our patients trust ESP providers to help diagnose what their surgeon, primary doctor, chiropractor, and/or physical therapist have been missing.

We want to prove to our patients that healthcare is not broken. We take the time to listen to our patient’s needs. We provide our patients with leadership to help them figure out what is wrong. Our providers are more capable because they are more focused on health and wellness than the failed hospital system and fatigued physicians. We lead the process of diagnosing and managing your complaint, big or small. Our team offers a variety of results driven treatment options using sports medicine principles. When your care needs extra attention, we discuss solutions with Integrated Sports and Spine instead of doing endless therapy visits.

Getting the treatment you need does not need to be a pain. Let us help you find the results you are looking for!

Practitioner performing sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy on a patients knee.

Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, & Neurologic Therapy Services

ESP’s value lies in our ability to comprehensively tackle your aches and pains. We do this with a multifaceted and innovative approach that blends sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and brain-related injury therapy together. As a result, our team can identify the root of your pain and develop an effective plan to relive it. When you visit our office for pain alleviation and therapeutic relief you will find a far-reaching system. We implement this system because it targets your discomfort and distress from all angles. In fact, ESP life & sports clinic will kick-start a plan to pain-free living that’s built to last.

Discover a holistic and immersive life & sports injury clinic that’s focused on you first.

The ESP Sports Injury Clinic – Physical Rehabilitation team is committed to addressing your persistent pain and injuries. We do this through a specialized approach based on proven, measurable results. Our providers meld these various disciplines of therapy together to provide a full scope of support. The services we offer range in complexity and specialty to better serve Boulder County residents.

In addition to physical rehabilitation, the ESP team possesses invaluable experience as dedicated medical trainers, advisers, and health consultants of elite athletic teams and programs. Because of this, the ESP life & sports injury clinic team has enabled countless others to live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle. They have helped patients with issues related to Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, automobile accidents, Parkinson’s, paralysis, and more.

Have a nagging injury? Put it in the past with

Dr. St. Pierre and the ESP Life & Sports Injury Clinic.