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ESP Sports Medicine is considered the most specialized sports medicine, chiropractic, and physical rehab facility in Boulder County due to our far-reaching disciplines. We offer advanced healing strategies and progressive therapeutic techniques while employing the most skilled providers in the fields of Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, and Concussion Therapy to address your injuries and complaints. We provide one-on-one treatment services at our Lafayette life & sports injury clinic, representing a non-traditional practice aimed at finding the fastest and most effective solutions to your discomfort.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, & Neurologic Therapy Services

The value of ESP lies in our ability to comprehensively tackle your aches and pains with a multifaceted and innovative approach. By blending the worlds of sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and brain-related injury therapy together, our Lafayette team can directly identify the root of your pain, and develop an effective plan to relieving that pain. When you approach ESP for pain alleviation and therapeutic relief, you enter into a far-reaching system focused on targeting your discomfort and distress from all angles. Starting from the initial consultation, the ESP Life & Sports Injury Clinic team will kickstart a plan to pain-free living that’s built to last.

Our services

Have a nagging injury? Put it in the past with Dr. St. Pierre and the ESP Sports Medicine team.

Discover a holistic and immersive life & sports injury clinic that’s focused on you first.

The ESP Sports Injury Clinic – Physical Rehabilitation team is committed to addressing your persistent pain and injuries with a specialized approach based on proven, measurable results. Creating a unique and untapped resource for sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, and concussion therapy, ESP melds these various disciplines of therapy together to provide a full scope of support at our Lafayette practice. Our services range in complexity and specialty to better serve Boulder County residents with an umbrella of focused care.

The ESP team possesses invaluable experience as the dedicated medical trainers, advisors, and health consultants of elite athletic teams and programs. Additionally, the ESP life & sports injury clinic team has enabled countless others to live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle following medical diagnosis and trauma, assisting patients with issues related to Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, vehicle accidents, Parkinson’s, paralysis, and beyond. 

Eric St. Pierre

Dr. St. Pierre provides unrivaled chiropractor care and sports medicine expertise to our patients
vestibular physical therapist

Mary Finck

Dr. Mary Finck serves as our dedicated physical therapist and intuitive concussion therapy expert.

About Us

ESP is comprised of prominent chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and patient coordinators that prioritize your long-term health above all else. With experience assisting professional athletes, as well as patients of difficult neurological conditions, chronic pain, orthopedic issues, and beyond, there isn’t a condition where our expertise isn’t valued and impactful. To learn more about the outstanding experts that make up our Life & Sports Injury Clinic team, click one of the buttons below.


Our Skills

Our core skill set is broken down into 4 major services: chiropractic sports medicine, massage therapy, concussion therapy, and physical therapy. With these 4 specialties, we can improve the lifestyles of everyday people with compassionate focus and cutting-edge techniques. However, the power of ESP’s care stretches far beyond these 4 disciplines to serve people facing a variety of challenges. These additional services include: TBI care, Parkinson’s therapy, MS, Stroke, Neuropathy, and Spinal Cord injury support, dizziness and vertigo relief, wheelchair fitting, prosthetic & orthotic training, Women’s Pelvic Floor therapy, CrossFit and Weight Loss guidance, and beyond.