Board Certified in Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Dr. Eric St. Pierre can offer you the experience needed to better understand your injury or physical challenge, while his treatment skills can support you in finding the therapeutic solutions you’re searching for. Together, his management skills should provide excellent support in helping you reach your health, fitness, and wellness goals.  

Experienced and Professional


ESP Sports Medicine is my passion and professional commitment to helping others recover from injury, surgery or other physical complaints they suffer from, while offering advice and perspective to improve ones wellness or fitness. I’d love to function as your go-to person in dealing with the simple episodes of tightness, achiness and pain that occur in life or sport, but I can also help you manage challenging spine, orthopedic and other nagging issues that can occur. I have the experience and treatment skills to help you find the relief you need or to finally sort out what might be the cause of your long standing issue. Athletes and active people of all ages and levels are welcome, while any busy body or even those involved in a care accident could also benefit from my help. You don’t have to be some special athlete or have some significant exercise goal to utilize my services.


Whether for treatment, diagnosis or guidance, I’d love to help you!


At an Initial Examination, I will listen and evaluate your complaint to determine the diagnosis or syndrome I feel you’re suffering from. I’ll outline the potential biomechanical causes and explain the physiological healing challenges I think you’re confronted with. From there, I’ll introduce your treatment options and anticipate getting to work that same session in treating and trying to clear up your complaint. Treatment is almost always included in the first session unless the complete time is needed to discuss your complaint. Some long standing issues respond in remarkable time, needing only one or two sessions to resolve. Whereas, other acute complaints might require a management and healing process that takes a bit of time. But, I’ll always work to ensure that your healing occurs in the most efficient manner possible. After your first session, you’re forever welcome to reach out to me with further questions. I offer a few Follow-up Visit options; 15 minute, 40 min and 55 min, depending on your need or financial preference. Discounted 5-visit packages are offered and can be shared between family members. Monthly memberships are also offered at a reduced rate. 


Still not convinced? Then schedule a Free 15 minute screen of your complaint and meet me without any commitment.

Practitioner performing sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy on a patients knee.

Medical & Wellness Advocate

If you’re in need of an advocate to help you navigate what the Medical community is suggesting, then I’m your person. Whether Xray, MRI’s, CT, nerve conduction tests, injections, ablations and other procedures, I can outline how to determine the most conservative, efficient or appropriate way forward. In a world where the Healthcare system is disorganized and over taxed, I can offer myself to lean into about your concerns and needs. I have extensive experience ordering such tests and have a network of physician, therapists and specialists we could utilize to get you the answers you need. 

A Holistic approach that blends the strengths of eastern and western principles into a life & sports injury clinic.

If you’re someone that wants to minimize the aging process, prevent injury and address tightness, then I’m able to outline the best self treatment strategies and suggest treatment frequency that fits your need. With some regular treatment frequency (ie: monthly, every 3 months) we can make significant gains at improving your soft tissue healing rate, your response to strength training and minimize your risk of repetitive injury. It all just depend on what you’re comfortable with. I’ll always offer a home exercise program, healing advice and self treatment options for you to take the lead. Are you a serious athlete or truly committed to improving your wellness? Let me make suggestions on things you could consider to maximize your efforts. I’m happy to be a sounding board even from a distance, but can create a maximum effect by meeting one on one from time to time. 

Have a nagging injury? Put it in the past.