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ESP Sports Medicine is the private practice of chiropractors Dr. Eric St. Pierre and Dr. Wes Rickman and physical therapists Dr. Mary Finck and Dr. Omega Koch. We represent a unique physical rehabilitation and sports medicine practice. Our practice works with difficult orthopedic, spinal conditions, and neurological disorders. It also supports athletes of all levels. We utilize progressive soft tissue healing techniques, bio-mechanical analysis and functional rehabilitative strategies to manage injury and wellness. We are a private treatment facility that offers excellent one-on-one management and treatment options for your needs.


Dr. St. Pierre specializes in difficult spinal and/or orthopedic conditions and failed surgical cases. He has experience at the highest level of sport. Eric has served as the Head medical Trainer for US Short Track Speedskating at two Winter Olympic Games.


Dr. Finck specializes in difficult neurological conditions including vertigo, Parkinson’s, and concussion injuries. She works closely with physician specialists in the area.

Dr. Koch is a talented provider able to tackle both neurological and physical complaints. She uses her experience to develop exercise programs to fit your injury and needs. Omega utilizes treatment modalities that accelerate your healing. She offers a high level of diagnostic ability. These abilities ensure she recognizes and manages your spine, limb, and brain injuries with care and focus.

Dr. Rickman specializes in runners and recreational athletes. He uses his experience to develop treatment and exercise programs that help athletes compete at their best. He’s also an expert in overuse injuries, active release technique, and blood restriction therapy.

Together, this first-class combination of expertise ensures that our patients receive unparalleled care and reach unprecedented recovery goals.

We feel that you should not only “feel” better, but also “heal” and “move” better. We would appreciate an opportunity to work with you in reaching your goals!

The full scope of support

ESP integrates emerging therapy techniques with time-tested experience to present an unmatched resource for sports medicine, chiropractic care, head trauma therapy, and more. 

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