Dr. Rickman Discusses Blood Flow Restriction

Blood flow restriction (BFR) allows faster recovery times, stronger healing and limits the loss of strength following an injury. Blood pressure cuffs allow us to restrict blood flow safely which then stimulates growth hormones and other healing factors. These growth hormones allow you to keep your strength while exercising at a lower intensity. Blood flow restriction can help rehab acute muscle and tendon injuries, chronic tendinitis, and ligament and arthritis injuries. It can be a great conservative treatment when compared to more expensive PRP and stem cell injections. It is also safe for all ages and for an array of health conditions. Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Rickman has to say about BFR and it’s benefits.

Dr. Rickman has extensively sought out formal training in treatment techniques that focus on preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries. He is an avid runner and excels in preventative care for the running community. His clinical practice focuses on movement assessment/rehab, sports injuries, and myofascial pain. Dr. Rickman is a strong advocate of preventative care and places an emphasis on educating patients on how to manage their own conditions and reduce future injuries.