We are a highly experienced team who appropriately address sensitive healing processes and manage concussion and traumatic brain injury. Camma Love, OTR/L is a cognitive rehabilitation therapist certified as a brain injury specialist who coordinates and guides rehabilitation to help restore mental capacity to the brain.

Every patient has different needs. Our providers evaluate those needs and find the best recovery plan for you. This vestibular/cognitive rehab partnership gives our patients the best chance to minimize suffering. It also minimizes the struggle associated with traumatic brain injury recovery. The ESP facility also offers massage therapy to help our patients with pain that often accompanies head injuries. ESP providers communicate and collaborate with outside physicians and therapists to provide the best healing environment.

ESP Sports Medicine has a long history focusing on brain injuries. Unlike other facilities that only implement some concussion exercises and therapies we take the brain injury recovery process seriously. How we manage your injury can greatly affect the recovery process and influence the therapeutic experience you have. The quality and experience level of the providers you work with is paramount. Most brain injury cases will progress relatively smoothly with the right help. However, we can help those struggling with work, life, mental suffering, and pain.

Our facility offers teleconferencing for those unable to drive or tolerate trips to the office due to head injuries. It provides our patients a way to connect, meet, and determine if we can help you.