Eric Visits NoCoast Crossfit

Eric St. Pierre, DC visited NoCoast Crossfit during the last week of the Crossfit Open, 20.5. Nocoast is owned by Dan Finck, Mary Finck, DPT’s husband. Our businesses share a close connection trying to keep people moving and healing. Crossfit is not only a competition type training but can be beneficial for anyone looking to get fit, healthy, or stronger. Watch the video to learn more.

Dr. St. Pierre, Doctor of Chiropractic, owner of ESP Sports Medicine

Dr. Eric St. Pierre owns ESP Sports Medicine and is an expert in sports medicine, fitness and wellness. He is also an expert in progressive healing and management techniques for elite athletes. He lives and practices outside of Boulder, CO where a lot people are highly active. As a result, he implements his extensive experience for elite athletes, active individuals, and anyone not responsive to traditional healthcare.

Dr. Mary Finck is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at ESP Sports Medicine. She specializes in neuromuscular conditions including brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and more. She has been a physical therapist for 10 years and uses a variety of tools to improve function. These tools include dry needling, muscle scraping, and vacuum cupping. She also uses function and motor control exercises. As a result, Mary is one of the top physical therapists in Boulder County.

Dr. Mary Finck, Doctor of Physical Therapy, physical therapist, vestibular and concussion therapist