Grounding the Balance System

Patients who have suffered injury to the central nervous system (CNS) can feel unsteady. As a result, they often report feeling disconnected and need to hold onto objects for balance. This unsteadiness can stem from traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), vestibular disorders, or spinal injuries. Sensations in the feet, the brain, inner ear, and eyes all work together to coordinate movements and keep us balanced. The balance system is the most re-trainable system in the body. Therefore, re-training the nervous & balance system is like a tree growing deeper roots. In many cases, patients notice an improvement in balance after only a couple weeks of implementing a proper program. To facilitate this, we do a physical examination to determine the proper exercises to implement. Then, advance through the program as you progress. As a result, we are experts at improving mobility and getting you back to your life.

Dr. Mary Finck, Doctor of Physical Therapy, physical therapist, vestibular and concussion therapist

Mary Finck is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at ESP Sports Medicine who specializes in neuromuscular conditions including brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and more. She has been a physical therapist for 10 years and uses a variety of tools to improve function. These tools include dry needling, muscle scraping, and vacuum cupping. She also uses function and motor control exercises. Mary is proud to be part of an amazing team of chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and new age medical doctors. This network of providers allows her to get the best care for her patients to improve their quality of life.