Myofascial Scraping Instructions

The use of a myofascial scraping tool provides you an opportunity to treat yourself to promote an accelerated healing potential for certain myofascial conditions. It can help desensitize the central nervous system for pain conditions and promote a more responsive system to exercise, rest and therapy.

Download the PDF to learn how to perform Myofascial Scraping at home!

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Cupping Therapy Instructions

Cupping Therapy at home is a simple and safe version of an ancient technique where you place vacuum cups on areas of the skin to create suction and release tension. Although blood flow should be increased, which should help with healing, the primary benefit of cupping therapy is the promote a loosening effect of the muscle and fascia. Great results can be experienced when it is combined with stretching, Myofascial scraping, exercise and massage therapy.

Download the PDF to learn how to perform Cupping at home!

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Therapeutic Walking Instructions

Walking is the most natural activity we can perform and is underappreciated as a movement. Although many peple consider it fitenss, they generally have poor technique, which wouldn’t be acceptable with their other exercise activities. 

Learn to walk better to improve your foundational wellness with the suggestions in the PDF provided.

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TENS Unit Instructions

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a popular form of home therapy which safely uses electricity to calm muscle spasm, minimize pain and promote healing. Research has shown that TENS units can be beneficial for the relief of low back pain, muscle pain, arthritis, nerve, and other pain syndromes.

Learn how to apply a TENS unit at home or work!

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