Introduction to Dry Needling

ESP providers introduce dry needling therapy. Dry needling is a popular treatment strategy in physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. This is because it offers another tool to address pain, tightness and spasm. Our providers utilize dry needling therapy for sport, life and work-related injuries.  Furthermore, it is an effective therapy in treating spasticity related to traumatic brain Injury, Parkinson’s, and other neurological conditions. In most cases, the treatment shouldn’t be painful. Therefore, if you’re experiencing a more aggressive form of the therapy and aren’t getting lasting relief, we encourage you to try our treatments. ESP providers assist you in a refined and reasonable manner. Above all, our providers want to help you heal in a therapeutic, lasting way.

Dr. St. Pierre, Doctor of Chiropractic, owner of ESP Sports Medicine

Dr. Eric St. Pierre owns ESP Sports Medicine and is an expert in sports medicine, fitness and wellness. He is also an expert in progressive healing and management techniques for elite athletes. He lives and practices outside of Boulder, CO where a lot people are highly active. As a result, he implements his extensive experience for elite athletes, active individuals, and anyone not responsive to traditional healthcare.