Introduction to Graston Technique

Dr. Eric St. Pierre, DC introduces Graston Technique. This technique is the gold standard of myofascial release. There are many instrument-assisted soft-tissue techniques, however, Graston uses high quality stainless steel instruments. In other words, these instruments effectively dissipate adhesion, promote healing at the cellular level, and minimize how the brain produces pain. Graston Technique at ESP is not aggressive or excessively painful. Just as a deep stretch your brain may take a session or two to become accustomed to the effectiveness of the tissue loosening. However, most patients can appreciate the relieving experience following a treatment. In conclusion, patients often feel the tissue is more responsive to stretching, massage, and exercise. Watch our video below to learn more.

Dr. St. Pierre, Doctor of Chiropractic, owner of ESP Sports Medicine

Dr. Eric St.Pierre is the owner of ESP Sports Medicine and an expert in sports medicine, fitness and wellness. He lives and practices outside of Boulder, CO where he implements his extensive experience in progressive healing and management techniques for elite athletes, active individuals and anyone not responsive to traditional or conservative healthcare.