Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing addresses the entire self as an interwoven, energetic system. Your energy is a culmination of interconnected physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. Intuitive energy healing works with your entire self to illuminate, clarify and heal your energy. By doing this you can feel your authentic best. Blocked energy negatively impacts your overall health and well-being both internally and externally. How your energy functions within will greatly influence your quality of life and experience without. 

Ancient healers knew that imbalances in body, mind or emotions ultimately were rooted in an imbalance (or sickness) of Spirit. Intuitive energy healing connects the physical with the spiritual by addressing and resolving these imbalances. These imbalances present differently in different individuals. Most present spiritually, mentally, or emotionally but in some severe cases physically. Each requires specific energetic and spiritual treatments to promote lasting, positive results.


Examples of spiritual imbalances:

  • Power Loss / Loss of Life-force
  • Soul Loss / Loss of Spirit
  • Intrusion / Energy that is not yours
  • or another kind of block

By balancing and fulfilling your spiritual nature growth and true healing are experienced. An imbalanced and unfulfilled spiritual nature can exacerbate or cause several problems. These include disease, suffering, pain, tension, discomfort, anxiety, depression, trauma, repeating unhealthy patterns, emotional difficulties, negative self-talk, and more. Intuitive energy healing works to balance your intrinsic, core, root self (your Spirit). This is necessary to sustain optimal vitality, connection, grounding, love, joy, and purpose throughout life.

Shanin Weisberg
Intuitive Energy Healer

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These are very common; however, all are undesirable. Everyone will experience an imbalance at least once in their life, and often, several times. Knowing how to navigate this will minimize the potential negative effects and optimize ease-filled living.

Shanin Weisberg personalizes each intuitive energy healing to work uniquely with your energy’s needs. Sessions include various intuitive, shamanic, and energy healing techniques. These techniques include readings, energy clearing, reiki, divination, meditation, breathwork, percussion, song and more. She uses tools such as feathers, rattles, and crystals to empower the client’s energy for treatment. These techniques allow for the wholesome healing of the client’s energy from the inside out.

During sessions clients lay and rest comfortably. Intuitive energy healing sessions are therapeutic, relaxing, and informative. Sessions promote spiritual alignment, awareness of energetic tendencies, and authentic, free-flowing energy. Clients typically experience relief from pains, worries and everyday concerns, while enhancing clarity, perspective, grace, depth and meaning in life. Sessions also include customized advice on how to better manage their energy on their own.

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