ESP Sports Medicine presents a unique opportunity for an athlete to access the expertise necessary to support their sports medicine and performance needs. Sports Medicine is not necessarily about orthopedic surgery, medications, injections, or some therapeutic fad. It is about managing the physiological and physical needs you will be challenged with as an athlete, let alone, finding treatment strategies that work for you, not for everyone else. Don’t assume you’ve done everything you can. As an athlete, you will be physically worn down and potentially challenged with an injury. We’re here to offer a hand in managing those challenges.

ESP offers traditional chiropractic services to our valued clients, integrating classic mobilization techniques and alignment methods into our services to provide comprehensive treatments and solutions. 
In addition to classic manipulative & mobilization therapy, ESP incorporates specialized alternative treatments to present a broader range of services to our clients. To learn more about what our specialized treatments entail, click the link below.

What is manipulative & mobilization therapy?

Manipulative & mobilization therapy has its roots from the late 1900s as a contemporary form of medicine for patients dealing with persistent pain, compression, discomfort, and immobility. Generally considered a practice focused around the use of hand pressure, this care is characterized by the manual manipulation of vertebrae joints in efforts to correct any misalignments. 
This form of care is recognized as a healthy and reliable form of manipulative therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, chronic discomfort, and sports-related conditions. If you’re experiencing persistent pain related to your muscles or bones, ESP’s manipulative & mobilization therapy may be your answer.
Practitioner performing sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy on a patients knee.


Chiropractic adjustments are the most common technique used in the world of manipulative care. When you first meet with ESP, Dr. St. Pierre will conduct a full evaluation of your prevailing issues, using the aid of touch to identify the source of your struggles. From there, Dr. St. Pierre will recommend the next course of action to relieve your discomfort, whether that requires mobilization therapy methods, alternative treatments, guided exercises, or more. If a traditional chiropractic adjustment is recommended to resolve the issue, Dr. St. Pierre will perform a traditional chiropractic adjustment on the identified area of distress.

This adjustment technique is focused on realigning your joints to a level of tightness and correction within your body. A common traditional adjustment used is referred to as spinal manipulation, where the vertebrae are set into place. Using focused pressure, Dr. St. Pierre will gently adjust your misaligned joints to their proper position, result in a satisfying “pop” or “crack”.

After your joints have been aligned, you may experience new-found comfort and mobility now that everything is in its proper place. For enhanced effectiveness, discuss integrating specialized treatments with traditional mobilization adjustment for comprehensive, heightened relief.