Self-Pay Pricing

Use your Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and Out-of-Network Benefits!

Cash, Credit and Debit are Accepted.

Dr. Eric St. Pierre, DC

HSA, FSA, Cash, Credit, Debit, or Check


Initial Examination:  $225 – 55 min.

Examination and Treatment Included

Review images and provide a plan.


“Super Session” Follow up:  $180 – 55 min.

Over 6 months since last session, new or multiple complaints.


“Tune-Up” Follow up:  $140 – 40 min.  

Single complaint, Routine Visit, Maintenance Care.

“Tune-Up” 5 Pack of Visits:  $650  Save $50


“Quick Visit” Follow up:  $50 – 10 min.

Simple session for adjustment or other therapy.

Review images, reports or phone/in-person meeting. 


SCAT 5 Concussion Screen

$50 – 30 min visit w/ Report Provided


B-12 Recovery Injection:  $225 – 55 min.

$30 – Is an additional service to other visit.


5 Pack of B12 Injections:  $225 – 55 min.

Save $25



15 mins one-on-one to quickly discuss your complaint.

Get $25 off your Initial Examination. 

ESP Sports Medicine is unable to process most insurance claims due to difficult practices enforced by some insurance companies. We would be happy to provide you the billing statement for your visit and help guide you in processing the claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. Ultimately, the insurance company controls your policy and all issues should be addressed directly with your insurance provider. We thank you for your understanding.

Please call us at (720) 509-9633 with insurance questions.