Shanin Weisberg

Shanin is a holistic energy worker, yoga, and meditation teacher with a wholesome approach to healing and wellness. Her early, difficult life experiences helped sculpt her innate intuitive and spiritual gifts. Over a decade of experience in various disciplines, practices, and modalities have strengthened these gifts.

Sessions, guided by meditations and breathwork, incorporate a medley of energetic, shamanic, and medical intuitive healing techniques. They help you navigate all that life entails with enhanced grace and clarity in a relaxing and naturally therapeutic setting. Shanin supports your well-being by reading and working with your energy to promote greater ease and balance in your life.

Shanin helps clients who are seeking relief, perspective, or healing for their Mind/Body/Spirit system to promote overall health and vitality. Her clients want to resolve energetic roots that exacerbate or produce disharmony, discomfort, suffering, repetition, negativity, pain, stress, or trauma. She helps carve the way towards alignment, awakening and authenticity. 

Shanin’s approach is gentle, yet thorough and compassionate. She manages her client’s energy by personalizing each session to match their individual needs.

“On a basic level, authentic connection to your spiritual nature is what lifts the veil of illusion, separation, and suffering. When your core-self (your spiritual nature) goes unrecognized, unbalanced, or unfulfilled, it creates a domino effect that negatively impacts everything else in life. The kind of antidote needed to repair this (spiritual) imbalance comes from within, and needs to be addressed internally, energetically, and personally to provide lasting, positive results.

The healing practices that I facilitate illuminate the energetic imbalances that inhibit free-flowing energy and authentic, meaningful connections. When unaddressed, these imbalances may block access to your greatest joys, potential and purpose. In severe cases, energetic imbalances can manifest as physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease.

Your energy is comprised of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of self. The more you understand and embrace the complexity and totality your energy, the greater your quality of living becomes. No matter the amount of beauty or challenges in your journey, we are all here to learn, grow and heal throughout life, ideally with as much ease as possible.”

– Shanin Weisberg

Services Provided

  • Energy Work
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Intuitive Healing


  • Registered Yoga Teacher – 500+ Hours
  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – 500+ Hours
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Shamanic & Intuitive Healing Techniques