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Sport Chiropractic is a speciality within the Chiropractic profession which focuses on the treatment and management of sports and fitness related injuries, as well as the education and guidance of health related principles for the general public interested in promoting a more active lifestyle and improving overall wellness.

A Sports Chiropractor is Doctor of Chiropractic who has completed advanced post-graduate training in the skills and techniques needed to treat and manage athletic and fitness related injuries and physical conditions. Since many job and injury types have a physical nature to them (ie: fire fighter or ankle sprain at an office job), and because many of the healing principles can be applied to all age and fitness levels, individuals from elite athletes looking for improved performance all the way down to aging individuals looking to walk better, could benefit from such specialized attention. Although not required, most sports chiropractors were or are athletes themselves and have experienced the challenge of orthopedic and spinal related injuries related to sport. They therefore have appreciation and direct knowledge of the challenges facing their patients in recovering, maintaining wellness and improving performance.

When functioning as the team trainer for a youth, collegiate or professional athletic team, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians- CCSP, and the more advance Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians- DACBSP are able to coordinate all facets of athlete health and recovery, and communicate with coaching staff and between the parents or agents to offer speciality expertise developed for such an environment. In the case of an emergency taking place at the practice field or competitive arena, the Chiropractor with post graduate training in the specialty is trained to be a leader and emergency responder for such critical events.

Dr. St. Pierre is Board Certified as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians- DACBSP. He also is one of the few DACBSP practitioners to also complete a 2-year post graduate Residency Program in Chiropractic Sports Medicine, of which there are only a few programs which offer such high-valued post-graduate training. Dr. Eric St.Pierre also has Bachelor’s degrees in: Movement Science with a focus in Sports Medicine, as well as a degree in Nursing Science. His unique training provides solid healing and medical perspective and commitment to evidence-based practices, while maintaining grounded holistic-based principles.

Dr St.Pierre works with pediatric and youth athletes, and utilizes various soft tissue treatment modalities, including: Dry Needling Therapy, Cupping Therapy and Massage Therapy. The development of an exercise plan and therapeutic strategies to promote healing are hallmark principles of a sports chiropractor

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    Dr. St. Pierre and his team are the highest quality and most caring healthcare professionals you’ll find. Dr. St. Pierre is extremely knowledgeable about pain, body mechanics and physiology. But don’t just save him for when something is out of whack – he offers care to maintain or improve your overall health, strength and mobility. I rely on his assessments and treatments to help me be as healthy and sound as I can be. Plus Dr. St. Pierre is just a really wonderful person.

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    Chiropractor FAQ

    Can Chiropractor be a sports chiropractor?

    Yes, any Chiropractor can specialize in Sports Medicine if they have post-graduate training and are board certified.

    What training does a sports chiropractor have?

    A “sports chiropractor” complete post-graduate training and passes written and practical examinations to either become a Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician- CCSP, or the highest level of training to become a Diplomate in American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians- DACBSP.

    What is different from a regular chiropractor and sports chiropractor?

    The main difference between a regular and “sports” chiropractor is the level of training which focuses on injury diagnosis, treatment, prevention, fitness and exercise, and performance related to sport and exercise. Although every Chiropractor has training in these topics, a “sports” Chiropractor has dedicated themselves to the specialty and should be able to meet an athlete’s and active person’s needs in a competent manner. A sports chiropractor also works with pediatric and geriatric populations. Since soft tissue injury is common in athletics, the techniques of dry needling therapy, massage therapy and cupping therapy are often utilized to promote healing.

    What type of patients benefit from sports chiropractic?

    All types of athletes, active people and physically demanding workers could benefit from a sports chiropractor. Because a sports medicine specialty has an extremely strong foundation in fitness and exercise at all age and fitness levels, the principles can be applied to an elite athlete all the way down to someone recovering from surgery or disease where their goal is to improve their function, mobility and healing. All age, fitness levels and sport types can benefit from the knowledge and techniques employed by a sports chiropractor.

    Do you have to be an athlete to see a sports chiropractor?

    No you do not have to be an “athlete” to benefit from a sports chiropractor. Whether you are incredibly out of shape, haven’t worked out regularly in years or have been able to maintain a strong fitness level, a sports chiropractor can assist you in managing injury, improving your wellness and fitness, or simply guide you on improving the quality of your life through an active lifestyle.

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    The future of health and wellness within the health-care industry is built around providing patients the access to the knowledge they need and the providers with the treatment skills and techniques one requires in order to heal and recover in the most appropriate manner. Having a health care provider who offers solid medical experience in terms of diagnosis and management skills, but has mastered the healing and wellness techniques necessary to promote wellness, is necessary to offer the public true “health care”.

    Dr. St. Pierre can offer you the conservative guidance and treatment to promote the healing you require, offer education and advice for the medical challenges you’re faced with, and outline the different options you have in reaching the fitness, health and wellness goals you have for yourself. Although a Sports Chiropractor is known to primarily assist with fitness and sport related injuries, there is much more that can be offered in terms of improving your ability to work, and support an active lifestyle. All types of people benefit from the advocacy, treatment skills and perspective Dr. Eric St.Pierre can offer you. Please schedule in order to start your healing process.

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