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Orthopedics is a specialty of medicine which focuses on the bones, joints, tendons, muscles, cartilage and any other hard (bone) or soft tissue of the arms and legs. In Physical Therapy you will often find orthopedic specialists who works with patients post surgically. Although a geriatric specialist might work with patients in such older populations with their arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle complaints. For instance, if you are treating balance, you also have to be competent in orthopedic conditions because leg function is required for such function. A Chiropractor is classically known to treat and manage spinal conditions, but Board Certified Sports Chiropractors encompass an orthopedic specialty within their practice. In medicine, surgeons who focus on arm and leg conditions are Board Certified in Orthopedics.

Many injuries that patients suffer from can often comprise of multiple factors and regions. Medicine has worked to build specialties of practice, but a patient is often in need of a more rounded approach. Just as your primary care provider might be great at managing a sickness for you, they are usually not able to fully help with the hip injury you’re dealing with. A referral to an orthopedic specialist would allow you access to a provider who can evaluate your hip well, then are however often unable to appreciate how your pelvic and low back may be contributing to your hip complaint. Yes, they are competent to understand that the low back could be a source of your pain, but they’ll likely send you to a spinal specialist. In medicine, a spine specialist and orthopedic specialist are often surgeons. For most people a surgical evaluation is no what they’re expecting or hoping for. In medicine, there are providers such as Physiatrists who are orthopedic and neurological specialists. They are medically based but can appreciate the whole body more than a surgeon. In rehab, you have a Board Certified Diplomate in Chiropractic Sports Medicine who is the provider best suited to address the complete body more so than a classic Chiropractor or Physical Therapist

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    Easy to make appts, responsive team, no waiting and quality care— since sustaining a life altering TBI on a mountain run, my cognitive therapy appts have been crucial in my recovery — not only did Camma equip me with the tools needed to navigate challenges she also communicated with my neurologist, a catalyst to optimizing treatment.

    Great experience at ESP! / Kimberly Lammertin

    ESP Sports Medicine: Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Clinic

    Most physical therapy and physical rehabilitation clinics treat physical injury. But what happens if treatment fails or you continue to suffer from ongoing difficulty with an old injury? Where other facilities may fail, ESP Sports Medicine specializes in difficult pains and complaints. If you have a new complaint, nagging injury, or cannot break the recovery plateau, let us help. We rely on our sports medicine and pain management experience to provide the best results in the least number of visits. If you have a condition you do not see listed, reach out. Chances are we have the experience to treat you or point you in the right direction.

    Many injuries that patients suffer from can often comprise of multiple factors and regions. Medicine has worked to build specialties of practice, but a patient is often in need of a more rounded approach. Just as your primary care provider might be great at managing a sickness for you, they are When searching for “orthopedic near me”, it is important to understand your options. In the end, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to call our office and guide you on what your best options are. Whether you utilize our services or not for orthopedic care, we’re happy to help, But facility has both the Sports Chiropractor and medical Physiatrist practices that can best support your orthopedic needs. DIfficult cases may require collaboration between the specialist and maybe even involvement with an orthopedic surgeon, and we’re happy to support your particular needs.

    • Arthritis
    • Tendonitis
    • Tendinosis
    • Epicondylitis
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Meniscus Tear
    • Chondromalacia
    • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Fallen Arches
    • Wrist and Hand Injuries
    • Iliotibial Band Pain
    • Popping/Snapping Hip
    • Shoulder Impingement
    • Hip Impingement
    • Rotator Cuff Tears
    • ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL Injury
    • Severs
    • Labral Tears
    • Osgood Schlatter’s
    • And More…

    Orthopedics FAQ

    What Does An Orthopedic Do?

    Orthopedics is a specialization in both medicine and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, fascia and muscles.

    What Is An Orthopedic Specialist?

    An orthopedic specialist treats orthopedic injuries in the body. These can include back and neck pain, sports injuries, and more. An orthopedic specialist does their best to find out which bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments have been impacted by an injury and then works on fixing those structures.In medicine an orthopedic specialists is often a surgeon, although a Physiatrist is a Physical Medicine specialist who specializes in both orthopedic and neurological specialties, but not surgically. A Chiropractic Sports Medicine is board certified to specialize in orthopedic, spinal and neurological conditions but are not medical, they are conservative practitioners.

    What Does An Orthopedic Doctor Treat?

    Medically, orthopedic doctors treat broken bones, compression fractures, stress fractures, dislocations, muscle injuries, tendon tears, tendon rupture, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis and much more. In rehabilitation a Board-Certified Sports Chiropractor specializes in treating all such conditions in a conservative manner.

    When To See An Orthopedic Doctor For Shoulder Pain?

    Seeing an orthopedic medical doctor for shoulder pain can be helpful for severe acute or nagging chronic shoulder injuries.A Sports Chiropractor or Physical Therapist would be a great option for treating shoulder pain in a conservative manner. A medical orthopedic specialist often refers for physical therapy if they feel the condition is not surgical.

    What Is Orthopedic Impairment?

    Orthopedic impairment refers to a child’s impairment with a bone, joint, or muscle that is severe enough to affect the child’s educational performance.

    What Is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

    Orthopedic physical therapy allows anyone with bone, joint, ligament, tendon, or muscle injuries to get back to daily activities. Most cases should likely start with orthopedic physical therapy unless they are extremely severe and painful conditions.

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    At ESP Sports Medicine, we offer providers that are competent and experienced in finding solutions for orthopedic, spine and concussion conditions in which other clinics either struggle with or simply take too long in managing. Results matter and since orthopedic conditions are one of the most common complaints patients suffer from, it is important to have the right people treating and managing your care. Medicine and rehab is becoming more and more specialized and our providers are rather are committed to being whole person specialists aside from orthopedic specialists. We don’t employ gimmicks, we don’t require excessive treatment visits and we are motivated to help those suffering from orthopedic conditions in the fastest and most productive way possible. The harder the case, the better, but most cases are fairly easy to resolve if you have an experienced and the motivated provider to work with. Our patients value the services we offer. 

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