I can’t say enough great things about Dr. St. Pierre (and the entire staff at ESP Sports Medicine).  I saw him regularly for months to rehab my shoulder after surgery and it was a pleasure visiting his office. The front desk and assistants are friendly and amazing.  The office itself is very nice, clean, and the PT sessions are done in private rooms.  Every visit was on-time and thorough.  I never once felt rushed.  From the first consultation to the last PT session, Dr. St. Pierre always took his time to listen to and address any concerns I may have had, discuss and administer my treatments/exercises, and to make any adjustments necessary based on the way my shoulder was responding to ensure I was achieving the best results possible.

Dr. St. Pierre is super friendly, easy to talk to, and most importantly, he truly cares about getting his clients better.  Do yourself a favor… if you’re even considering going somewhere else other than ESP for your physical therapy and you haven’t met with Dr. St. Pierre yet, schedule an initial consultation with him and see what you think.  You won’t regret it.

Thanks Dr. St. Pierre!

M. H. / ESP Post-Surgery Patient
Eric has offered incredible therapy for my high level athletes. His warmth of personality is only matched by the targeted therapy and body work he’s offered to get my level 10 gymnast and TDM competitive dancer; he’s brought them back to being their best after routine and even more serious injuries. I highly recommend anyone engaging in competitive sports and activities to see Eric for insights, therapeutic visits and ongoing support.
K.M. / Elite Athlete Parent
Sports Medicine

I trust Eric with my life, literally, my life. His enthusiasm for work and people is contagious. He is confident, positive, well practiced, professional, and the ultimate expert. I learned how to properly take care of my body by getting the services I needed from Eric. His knowledge and courageous execution in his many credentials as our sports medicine trainer and doctor tremendously assisted our US team to be ultimately prepared for competition to take on of the world.

Alyson Dudek / 2-Time U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team, Olympic Bronze Medalist
Sports Medicine

Eric’s Olympic caliber skill set coupled with his passion for performance and an acute understanding of an elite athlete’s body are major factors as to why he is one of the most effective providers I’ve ever worked with.

Steve Langton / U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team: Sochi, 2 x Olympic Silver Medalist

Working with Eric during the 2009/2010 season made a huge difference for my performance at the 2010 Olympics. Eric did whatever it took to help me perform at my best physically, but he also took the time to get to know me personally and was able to help me further develop as an athlete because of it. Of the many doctors I’ve worked with Eric is the most passionate I’ve seen when it comes to treating people both inside and out.

Catherine Reutter / U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team, Olympic Silver & Bronze Medalist

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Eric St. Pierre. I met Eric in the summer of 2009 when he was hired as the Head Athletic Trainer position at US Speedskating. This meant that he would be the trainer to take care of us during the season of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a very important role to be given. We were assured that Eric knew what he was doing and had several years of experience in Winter Sports as a Bobsled trainer.

Right away I felt his positive, uplifting presence and confidence in his ability as he shared his knowledge and willingness to help in any way he could. Taking this role was no easy task, but Eric came in and connected with the team right away as he if worked with us for years already. I was injured in September of 2009 at the Olympic Trials with a cut to my thigh and Eric was one of the first ones to rush on the ice and be by my side. He played an integral role in the rehabilitation process as he made sure things were going smooth and that I was being cared for properly. Also, he kept telling me over and over that things were going to be ok which helped me immensely when I was down the most. I put all of my trust into Eric and knew right away that he would do everything he could to help me reach my goals.

I was able to recover rapidly and wound up winning two medals in the Olympics even after this incident. I contribute my success to the Medical team, family, friends, coaches and teammates, and Eric had a huge role in this circle. The best thing about Eric is his innate ability to have the best interest of the athlete or who ever he is taking care of. His knowledge and experience is felt with his every action. He is also able to connect with people regardless of their situation or personality which makes him not only a great Trainer / Chiropractor, but also a great human being.

I maintain a great relationship with Eric not only from a professional standpoint but also a life long friendship and will put my trust into him no matter what the situation is.

JR Celski / 2-Time U.S. Olmpic Short Track Speedskating Team: Vancouver & Sochi, Olympic Silver and 2 x Bronze Medalist

I had the pleasure of working with Eric St Pierre before and during the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics. He was an essential element to my physical well being during critical moments in my career. I used him for both dry needling and general sports medicine treatment, through several of my injuries. I have complete faith in both his ability to identify problems/find solutions as well as his wisdom in knowing when an issue needs outside consulting. These are rare qualities in a medical professional and Eric possesses these and many others, in spades.

Jordan Malone / 2-Time U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team: Olympic Silver & Bronze Medalist

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