Michael Herman

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. St. Pierre (and the entire staff at ESP Sports Medicine).  I saw him regularly for months to rehab my shoulder after surgery and it was a pleasure visiting his office. The front desk and assistants are friendly and amazing.  The office itself is very nice, clean, and the PT sessions are done in private rooms.  Every visit was on-time and thorough.  I never once felt rushed.  From the first consultation to the last PT session, Dr. St. Pierre always took his time to listen to and address any concerns I may have had, discuss and administer my treatments/exercises, and to make any adjustments necessary based on the way my shoulder was responding to ensure I was achieving the best results possible.

Dr. St. Pierre is super friendly, easy to talk to, and most importantly, he truly cares about getting his clients better.  Do yourself a favor… if you’re even considering going somewhere else other than ESP for your physical therapy and you haven’t met with Dr. St. Pierre yet, schedule an initial consultation with him and see what you think.  You won’t regret it.

Thanks Dr. St. Pierre!

Sports Medicine

Alyson Dudek

2-Time U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team, Olympic Bronze Medalist

I trust Eric with my life, literally, my life. His enthusiasm for work and people is contagious. He is confident, positive, well practiced, professional, and the ultimate expert. I learned how to properly take care of my body by getting the services I needed from Eric. His knowledge and courageous execution in his many credentials as our sports medicine trainer and doctor tremendously assisted our US team to be ultimately prepared for competition to take on of the world.

Sports Medicine

Apolo Anton Ohno

3-Time U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team, 8-Time Olympic Medalist: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze,  2008 Overall World Champion

Dr. Eric St. Pierre led our medical and sports physiotherapy team into the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Pre Olympic Season he was incredibly valuable to our entire team dealing with past injuries, acute, and minimizing risk of injury during the competition season. His unique ability to transcend beyond traditional western medicine and instead blending modalities and teachings into our everyday lives to greatly enhance our performance, cannot be take lightly. Developing a personal relationship while also delivering outstanding professional results is something that I’m in debt for. We sought the best, and Dr. St. Pierre surpassed our expectations.

Sports Medicine

JR Celski

2-Time U.S. Olympic Short Track Speedskating Team: Vancouver and Sochi, Olympic Silver and 2x Bronze Medalist, 2013 Short Track 500 Meter World Champion

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Eric St. Pierre. I met Eric in the summer of 2009 when he was hired as the Head Athletic Trainer position at US Speedskating. This meant that he would be the trainer to take care of us during the season of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a very important role to be given. We were assured that Eric knew what he was doing and had several years of experience in Winter Sports as a Bobsled trainer.

Right away I felt his positive, uplifting presence and confidence in his ability as he shared his knowledge and willingness to help in any way he could. Taking this role was no easy task, but Eric came in and connected with the team right away as he if worked with us for years already. I was injured in September of 2009 at the Olympic Trials with a cut to my thigh and Eric was one of the first ones to rush on the ice and be by my side. He played an integral role in the rehabilitation process as he made sure things were going smooth and that I was being cared for properly. Also, he kept telling me over and over that things were going to be ok which helped me immensely when I was down the most. I put all of my trust into Eric and knew right away that he would do everything he could to help me reach my goals.

I was able to recover rapidly and wound up winning two medals in the Olympics even after this incident. I contribute my success to the Medical team, family, friends, coaches and teammates, and Eric had a huge role in this circle. The best thing about Eric is his innate ability to have the best interest of the athlete or who ever he is taking care of. His knowledge and experience is felt with his every action. He is also able to connect with people regardless of their situation or personality which makes him not only a great Trainer / Chiropractor, but also a great human being.

I maintain a great relationship with Eric not only from a professional standpoint but also a life long friendship and will put my trust into him no matter what the situation is.

Sports Medicine

Curt Tomasevicz

3-Time U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team,  Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist

Bobsled is a sport that is incredibly physically demanding. Numerous times, Eric has helped me recover from strenuous workouts, kept me healthy with preventive treatments, and also aided in rehab from sport related injuries. He has extensive knowledge on how to treat elite athletes that are in tune with their bodies, helping them to achieve their very best. It is clear that his top priorities are helping athletes get and stay healthy through a variety of treatment techniques. His compassion for athletes and his passion for his profession are evident every day I have worked with Eric

JB Peters

Eric is a Jedi when it came to getting my back and shoulder feeling better. I’ve been to close to 20 different facilities for my aches and pains over the years. There is no one better on the planet than Eric.

Sports Medicine

Steve Langton

U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team: Sochi, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Eric’s Olympic caliber skill set coupled with his passion for performance and an acute understanding of an elite athlete’s body are major factors as to why he is one of the most effective providers I’ve ever worked with.

Amba D

I have a nerve issue that had made me mostly house bound.  Dr. Mary has helped me find ways of coping around my injury.   She is encouraging, and really listens to what is going on, finding ways to help combat my lack of function with practical exercises.  It is completely unlike any other pt I’ve ever had.  I come out of her sessions able to move better, not hampered for days. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Mary @ESP!


Dr. St. Pierre has been an anchor for me as I went through lumbar and cervical fusions. He has an amazing gift of starting “where the patient is” in the healing process instead of beginning therapy too close to where s/he “should be” at the end of treatment. He understands that treatment takes many forms and incorporates many therapies to heal tissue, along with recognizing the importance of targeted movement and effective strengthening techniques. Dr. St. Pierre is a caring practitioner who was the one medical professional who listened to me. If any future care is needed, he is the only practitioner I would trust to support me as I move through the healing process…